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Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund (RPTTF) Reports

The RPTTF activity reports by ROPS period can be viewed at the following links:

ROPS 13-14B
Orange County ROPS 13-14B January 2014

ROPS 13-14A
Orange County ROPS 13-14A June 2013

Orange County ROPS III - January 2013

ROPS II (includes AB 1484 demand/distribution)
Orange County ROPS II and AB 1484 True Up 

Upcoming Important Dates

March 1             Submission of ROPS 14-15A
April 15             DOF to complete its review
June 2               PASS-through payments by this date
                        ROPS 14-15A payments

ABX1 26 - Redevelopment Agency Dissolution Act

The California Supreme Court upheld ABX1 26, the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Dissolution Act (Act) which resulted in the dissolution of RDAs in California effective February 1, 2012.

The purpose of this webpage is to provide Orange County successor agencies information regarding the administration of ABX1 26, and the status of various actions required by the Act of the Orange County Auditor-Controller.

Link to the Department of Finance RDA Dissolution webpage: